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Allpax Retort Sterilization & Automation Systems
Axon Shrink & Stretch Sleeve Application Systems
Benchmark Food Distribution & Loading Systems
Brenton Case & Tray Packing & Robotic Systems
Currie by Brenton Conventional & Robotic Palletizing Systems
Dekka Case Taping Systems
Edson High Performance Case & Tray Packing Systems
EOL Packaging End of line Applications & Systems
EPI Labelers Flexible Packaging Labeling Systems
Federal Liquid Filling & Capping Systems
Flexible Packaging Flexible Packaging Applications & Systems
FLtecnics Rollstock Pouch Packaging Systems
Greydon Flexible Packaging Coding Systems
ID Technology Labeling, Marking & Coding Systems
Inever Stickpack & Sachet Packaging Systems
IPak Machinery Tray & Bliss Forming Systems
Jalbert Automation Services
KLEENLine Sanitary Product Handling Systems
LSI Pressure Sensitive Labeling Systems
Matrix Vertical Form Fill Seal Systems
NJM Packaging Pharmaceutical Packaging Systems
Orion Packaging Stretch & Pallet Wrapping Systems
Ossid Tray Packaging & Weighing Systems
Pace Packaging Bottle Unscrambling & Orienting Systems
Pacific Packaging Viscous Filling & Capping Systems
P.E. Labellers Decorative Labeling Systems
Rennco Vertical Bagging & Heat Sealing Systems
Roberts PolyPro Bottle & Box Handles & Application Systems
Shuttleworth Conveying & Material Handling Systems
Southern Packaging Rollstock Pouch Packaging Systems
Tekkra Shrink Bundling Systems
Texwrap Shrink Wrapping Systems
Toyo Jidoki Pre-Made Pouch Packaging Systems
Weiler Labeling Labeling & Serialization Systems
Wexxar/BEL Case Forming & Sealing Systems
Zalkin Americas Capping & Cap Handling Systems
Zalkin EMAA Capping & Cap Handling Systems
Zarpac Engineering & Integration Services

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Pro Mach Brands

LSI is powered by Pro Mach, a leading provider of integrated packaging products and solutions for food, beverage, household goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse consumer and industrial companies. Through a variety of industry-recognized brands Pro Mach provides equipment, training, installation and parts for primary packaging, end-of-line packaging and identification and tracking. Pro Mach's customers include Fortune 500 and other leading companies worldwide who need reliable, advanced, cost-effective packaging equipment and integrated solutions. Pro Mach is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with manufacturing facilities and offices throughout the United States and Canada.

Pro Mach's brands are leaders in their market segments. They have built their leadership position by manufacturing high quality, reliable equipment and components for custom and standard applications and by providing strong customer service and product support.

Allpax - http://www.allpax.com/


Allpax, based in Covington, LA, manufactures food processing and sterilization solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Allpax provides fully automated retort rooms as well as individual retort room components like retorts, retort loaders and unloaders, shuttles and other material handling equipment going into and out of the retort room.

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Axon - http://www.axoncorp.com/


Axon, based in Raleigh, NC, manufactures shrink sleeving, tamper evident banding and stretch sleeve applicators as well as heat shrink tunnels that are engineered for reliability, flexibility and value. Utilizing continuous motion technology, Axon product labeling equipment applications include beverages, processed foods in tubs and jars, cultured dairy products, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty aids, novelties, and household products.

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Benchmark Automation - http://www.benchmarkautomation.net/

Benchmark Automation

Benchmark Automation, based in Athens, GA, manufactures specialty food and bakery material handling systems, including distribution systems, automatic infeeds, shuttle and disk feeders, stackers, mergers, tray loaders, and slug loaders.

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Brenton - http://www.brentonengineering.com/


Brenton, based in Alexandria, MN engineers and manufactures case packing equipment, shrink-wrapping machines, robotic packaging systems and material handling equipment for the food, personal care, and household products industries. Brenton offers innovative custom palletized packaging systems and is considered a leader in servo technology applications in the packaging industry.

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Currie - http://www.curriebybrenton.com/


Currie, based in Alexandria, MN manufactures conventional and robotic palletizers with proven, rugged designs for maximum reliability and value. Currie offers solutions to meet virtually every automatic palletizing challenge with low-level and high-level infeed palletizers, robotic palletizers, case elevators, pallet dispensers, slip sheet feeders and complete palletizing systems.

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Dekka - http://www.dekkaindustries.com/


Dekka, based in Richmond, BC, Canada, is a leading manufacturer of high quality tape head systems that are easy to load, and feature our exclusive no break tape advance system.

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Edson - http://www.edson.com/


Edson, based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, manufactures robust, high-performance case and tray packing systems. Edson has long-standing customer relationships with food, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and tissue converting companies that require innovative, high speed horizontal case packing, material handling, and top load robotic solutions.

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End of Line Packaging Solutions - http://www.eolpackagingsolutions.com/

End of Line Packaging Solutions

Pro Mach’s End-of-Line Packaging Solutions group, based in Alexandria, MN, offers customers a single source for all their end-of-line packaging needs, from stand alone applications to complex packaging systems.

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EPI Labelers - http://www.epilabelers.com/

EPI Labelers

EPI Labelers, based in New Freedom, PA, manufactures innovative standard and custom labeling solutions for a variety of industries and package types, including vertical form fill seal (VFFS) packaging. Since 1980 they have been making quality packaging labeling systems that are easy to set up, resist wear and tear, and are designed to withstand and operate in harsh environments.

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Federal - http://www.federalmfg.com/


Federal, based in Milwaukee, WI, manufactures durable, reliable, and hygienic liquid filling and capping machinery. Federal serves a variety of markets including dairy, juice, water, food, chemical, coatings, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Federal also provides custom tailored extended shelf life (ESL) solutions to meet the strict demands of today's marketplace.

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Flexible Packaging Group - http://www.promachflexible.com

Flexible Packaging Group

Pro Mach’s Flexible Packaging Group, based in Saukville, WI, is a leading provider of high quality packaging equipment for flexible packaging applications and offers customers a complete flexible packaging equipment line.

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FLtècnics - http://www.matrixpm.com/fltecnics


FLtècnics, powered by the Pro Mach Flexible Packaging Group, is a leading manufacturer of horizontal form-fill-seal pouch making systems for bakery, dairy, and snack foods as well as liquids, sauces, powders, granules, and specialty products.

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Greydon - http://www.greydon.com/


Greydon, based in York, PA, is a leading manufacturer of innovative inline printing and coding solutions for flexible packaging across a range of industries, including the medical device, pharmaceutical, nutrition, food, meat, and dairy markets.

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ID Technology - http://www.idtechnology.com/

ID Technology

ID Technology, based in Fort Worth, TX, is a manufacturer and integrator of labeling, coding and marking equipment. The ID Technology product line includes label applicators, label printer applicators, RFID solutions, inkjet printers, laser coders, thermal transfer overprinters, labels, scanners, verifiers, software and supplies. ID Technology also provides nationwide support through numerous facilities and satellite locations across the United States.

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IPak - http://www.ipakmachinery.com/


IPak, based in Richmond, BC, Canada, is a leading manufacturer of rugged tray formers, bliss formers, flange sealers and tray stackers. IPak's heavy-duty construction delivers round the clock performance in even the most demanding environments.

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Inever - http://www.matrixpm.com/inever


Inever, powered by the Pro Mach Flexible Packaging Group, is a leading provider of high quality stickpack and sachet systems for flexible packaging applications. Inever was the first form-fill-seal company specializing on the innovative stickpack format. Technologies continually evolve to follow the most rigorous security and hygienic rules including Ultra Clean format.

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Jalbert Automation - http://www.jalbertautomatisation.com//home

Jalbert Automation

Jalbert Automation, based in Quebec
, Canada, has hundreds of projects to its name with major corporations in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and chemicals. Jalbert employs a team of engineers and technicians qualified in system control and mechanical design that offer a complete range of automation services including industrial robotics, custom designed equipment, line optimization, equipment integration, installation, and project management.

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KLEENLine - http://www.kleenline.com


KLEENLine, based in Newburyport, MA, is a leading provider of sanitary production solutions including conveyors, material handling equipment, vision systems, robotics, automation controls, and systems engineering services. KLEENLine has earned their reputation by solving the toughest sanitary line challenges in the business.

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Labeling Systems - http://www.labelingsystems.com/

Labeling Systems

Labeling Systems, based in Oakland, NJ, is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling equipment and systems for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods companies. LSI offers a range of products, including stand alone labeling heads and turn-key systems as well as custom solutions all designed to operate in a 24/7 production environment.

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Matrix - http://www.matrixpm.com/


Matrix, based in Saukville, WI, is an industry-leading manufacturer of vertical form fill seal (v/f/f/s) packaging equipment for all types of flexible packaging. Since 1988 Matrix has built a solid reputation for delivering rugged, well engineered, cost competitive, easy-to-use packaging systems backed by outstanding customer support.

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NJM Packaging - http://www.njmpackaging.com/

NJM Packaging

NJM Packaging, based in Montreal, Québec, Canada is a leading single-source provider of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and personal care packaging machinery, offering both stand-alone solutions and integrated systems for packagers of solid dose and liquid pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, vitamins, and food supplements.

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Orion - http://www.orionpackaging.com/


Orion Packaging, based in Alexandria, MN, is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of automatic stretch wrapping machines and semiautomatic stretch wrapping equipment. Orion leads the industry with an extensive product line of more than 25 models, including rotary turntable, rotary tower and horizontal wrapping systems.

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Ossid - http://www.ossid.com/


Ossid, based in Rocky Mount, NC, is a manufacturer of high-speed tray packaging, weigh/price labeling equipment and form fill seal packaging solutions. Ossid provides solutions across numerous markets, including fresh and processed meats, medical devices, convenience foods and consumer goods.

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Pace Packaging - http://www.pacepackaging.com/

Pace Packaging

Pace Packaging, based in Fairfield, New Jersey, is a leading provider of automated bottle unscramblers, bottle orientors, and conveyor cleaning systems. Pace has provided solutions across a variety of industries including beverage, food, household chemicals, personal care products, and pharmaceutical for over 40 years.

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Pacific Packaging - http://www.pacificpak.com/

Pacific Packaging

Pacific Packaging, based in San Clemente, California, is a leading provider of high speed rotary and inline liquid filling and capping equipment for manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care, home care, and chemical markets. Pacific has provided filling solutions for aerosol, pourable, and non-pourable viscous and semi-viscous products for more than 55 years with over 3,000 installations in nearly 40 countries.

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P.E. Labellers - http://www.pelabellers.com/

P.E. Labellers

P.E. Labellers, based in Porto Mantovano, Italy, is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-speed rotary and linear labeling systems for food, beverage, wine and spirits, pet food, personal care, chemical, and cosmetic markets. P.E. Labellers has more than 40 years’ experience providing a wide-range of self-adhesive, hot melt, cold glue, roll-fed, and sleeve labeling systems to customers worldwide.

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Rennco - http://www.rennco.com/


Rennco, based in Homer, MI, is a respected manufacturer of semi-automatic vertical bagging machines, semi-automatic horizontal bagging machinery and automated vertical bagging systems. Rennco equipment applications include consumer goods, consumer disposables, food, hardware and medical goods.

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Roberts PolyPro - http://www.robertspolypro.com/

Roberts PolyPro

Roberts PolyPro, based in Charlotte, NC, manufactures plastic packaging handles and components for the world's largest consumer products companies. Roberts converting machines feature modular assembly construction and industrial computer based controls. Roberts PolyPro's unique ability to combine plastic fitments and paperboard in new applications allows them to be packaging design partners for end users and converters alike.

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Shuttleworth - http://www.shuttleworth.com/


Shuttleworth, based in Huntington, IN, provides integrated product handling solutions using innovative technology and experienced problem-solving specialists to increase line efficiency, maximize profitability and minimize risk. Shuttleworth serves a variety of markets including automotive, consumer, electronics, food, health & beauty, industrial, medical, paper conversion, paper printing & binding, pharmaceutical and solar energy.

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Southern Packaging - http://www.southernpackaging.com/

Southern Packaging

Southern Packaging, based in Athens, GA, manufactures intermittent motion, horizontal, form, fill and seal (HFFS) pouch machinery for the food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, and confectionery markets.

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Tekkra - http://www.tekkra.com/


Tekkra Systems, based in Homer, MI, is a manufacturer of intermittent and continuous motion bundling and shrink wrapping systems that deliver high performance packaging automation for dairy, food, bakery, beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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Texwrap - http://www.texwrap.com/


Texwrap, based in Washington, MO, manufactures a full line of automatic standard and custom shrink wrapping systems, including shrink wrappers, L-bar sealers, side sealers, tunnels, infeed solutions, and conveyors. Texwrap has provided solutions across a variety of industries including food, bakery, industrial, mailing, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, retail, printing, publishing, and more for nearly 40 years.

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Toyo Jidoki - http://www.matrixpm.com/tyj

Toyo Jidoki

Toyo Jidoki, powered by the Pro Mach Flexible Packaging Group, is a leading provider of high quality automatic filling and packaging machines. Toyo Jidoki automated pouch packaging systems are based on its independently developed technology and experience dating from 1960.

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Weiler Labeling Systems - http://www.weilerls.com/

Weiler Labeling Systems

Weiler Labeling Systems, based in Moorestown, NJ, is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-speed and technologically advanced pressure-sensitive labeling machines for pharmaceutical, food, beverage, personal care and consumer markets. With more than 25 years of experience in providing labeling, coding, inspection and precision-manufactured systems, Weiler is at the forefront of delivering customized solutions backed by a culture of unwavering customer care.

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Wexxar/BEL - http://www.wexxar.com/


Wexxar/BEL, based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, is a leading manufacturer of high quality integrated packaging solutions for case forming and case sealing machines. Our Wexxar line of innovative case formers and case sealers have been installed in nearly 40 countries. Our BEL line offers "end-of-line" corrugated box sealers, tapers, and packing systems.

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Zalkin Americas - http://www.zalkincapping.com

Zalkin Americas

Zalkin Americas, based in Athens, GA, makes high-speed bottle capping machinery, bottle cap sorting & bottle cap feeding systems. Their quality equipment serves the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care, household goods and distilled spirits industries.

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Zalkin EMAA - http://www.zalkin.fr/en

Zalkin EMAA

Zalkin EMAA, based in Normandy, France, is a leading global provider of standard and customized capping solutions, including high-speed, high quality cappers, decappers, sorters, and elevators. Since 1932 Zalkin has provided solutions to a wide range of industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and industrial products.

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Zarpac - http://www.zarpac.com/


Zarpac, based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, is a leading global provider of packaging line engineering, integration, and productivity services and solutions. Zarpac’s products and services include packaging line system design and build, performance diagnostics software, robotics testing and integration, mechanical and electrical engineering, project management, technical training, productivity support, and material handling solutions.

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