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Bottle & Container Wrap Labeling Systems

LSI can design and build wrap labeling systems for a wide variety of bottles and containers.

Horizontal Wrap Labeler for Vials

The horizontal wrap labeler for vials specializes in horizontal wrap labeling through the collaboration with LSI’s standard labeling heads. With Auto Teach Label Sensing, recipe storage locations, and re-settable product and label counters, every aspect of labeling is covered with the horizontal wrap labeler for vials.

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Label Applicator for Vials Using Horizontal Starwheel

The label applicator for vials using horizontal starwheel is a fully integrated labeling system for vials using horizontal starwheel. Capable of labeling filled, capped, or empty products, the label applicator for vials using horizontal starwheel offers variety to ensure proper labeling.

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Label Applicator with Robotics for Labeling Vials

The label applicator with robotics for labeling vials functions in junction with a labeling head to ensure label placement accuracy. Meant for a variety of products, the label applicator with robotics for labeling vials specializes on precision and effectiveness.

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Bottle Wrap System w/ TTO & Inspection

The bottle wrap system with TTO & Inspection provides versatility to bottle wrapping. Products can be labeled filled, capped, or empty, while right hand or left hand configurations are available for users.

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Wrap Labeler for Recessed Panel

The wrap labeler for recessed panel is a fully engineered wrap around labeling system. Designed for recessed panel, this wrap labeler offers bright LCD digital display and PLC controls, as well as optional remote display mounting.

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Three Point Wrap-Around Label Applicator

The three point wrap-around label applicator includes PLC Controls with an optional flexible I/O expansion kit upgrade. Bright LCD digital display comes standard on the three point wrap-around label applicator. Easy to read with simple menus, the display provides direction, function, and ease of use for users.

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Bottle Labeling System with Infeed Timing Screw

The bottle labeling system with infeed timing screw incorporates the product alignment systems such as the CA Product Aligner, which does not require change parts.

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High Speed Wrap Labeling System for Bottles

The high speed wrap labeling systems for bottles are highly durable and effective. For functionality, recipe storage locations are included for easy setup and repeatable product changeovers. Re-settable product and label counters are also included in the high speed wrap labeling systems for bottles.

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Standard Series - Bottle Wrap Labeler

The semi-automatic wrap label applicator is available with optional remote display mounting and thermal transfer or hot stamp for date and lot coding. For user comfort, the semi-automatic wrap label applicator is also available in right or left hand configurations.

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Semi-Automatic Wrap Label Applicator

The semi-automatic wrap labeling system is designed for wrap around labeling of products such as bottles, vials, or cans. With the capability of working with print and apply labeling heads, the semi-automatic wrap labeling system has auto teach label sensing.

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Model 1200 Labeling System

Labeling System applies labels to three sides of a rectangular bottle or partially around a large pail by using a special "saloon door" style applicator mechanism.

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Model 4200 Labels Lip Gloss

Horizontal Labeling System wraps a clear label around a lip gloss container then a Tamp Label Applicator apples a label to the bottom of container.

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High Speed Wrap Labeling System

A Model 1500 Labeling System applies clear labels at high speed to jars.

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