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Security, Serialization & Tamper Evident Labeling Systems

LSI can design and build a custom labeling system for security or tamper evident labeling or unit serialization labeling.

Corner Wrap Label Applicator for Carton Serialization

For carton serialization, the corner wrap label applicator features the PLC control system and the built in product counter. With a wide range of configurations for print and apply label applications, LSI designs and manufactures the corner wrap label applicator to specialize in carton serialization.

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Tamper Evident Labels Applied to Small Boxes

The apply-only tamper evident labels applied to small boxes come with stepper motor drive for precision. With either right hand or left hand configurations, the tamper evident labels are made for effective and efficient use.

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Label Printer Applicator for Unit Serialization

The label printer applicator for unit serialization specializes in printing, encoding, and applying labels for unit serialization. With a PLC and LCD operator interface, the label printer applicator for unit serialization features a built in product counter.

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Security Label Applicator

The security label applicator applies pressure sensitive labels to all types and sizes of products. For additional labeling needs, the security label applicator is matched with a labeling head in order to achieve absolute accuracy.

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Labeler Applying Front & Back Security Labels

With a bright LCD digital display and flexible PLC controls, the labeler applying front and back security labels meets the needs of security labeling. Re-settable products and label counters provide ensure each product is handled with care.

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Front & Back Security Seal Labeler with UV Detection

The labeler applying front and back security labels have re-settable product and label counters, providing you with time efficiency. Also included are Product Alignment Systems such as the CA Product Aligner, requiring no change parts.

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Security Tag & Label Applicator System

A Custom Labeling System featuring three label applicators. The first applies a security tag. The next applies a label over the security tag. Then a special "flipper" turns the product over and a third label applicator applies the final label to the back of the product.

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